Towards the Light

Beginning of November at 4 a´clock in the afternoon.


Autumn leaf on the lake

Was out paddling today. It was completly still and nice. A lot of leafs on the watersurface.


Garden cross spider

Watched a TV-program about gravity this evening. The gravity net in the universe, keeping it all together. Then this little friend weaved a net on my balcony. Nice. Havn´t seen such a nice net for years.


Newly washed forest

A strange wheathertype is now present in Sweden. It´s like april but harder. A lot of showers, hard ones. This image is taken after one of them when I walked through a small forest in reaincloths and rubberboots. The sun came out and, as in this image, shone very bright in the raindrops on the greenary. Almost hard to look at.
Another image is posted in my swedish blog:


Canadian gees

More then 300 canadian gees were on the lake yesterday. They are gathering for the migration (to go south) soon. So, no quiet trip in the kayak that time. They are pretty loud as times.


Forgot the camera

It is raining today so I thought I´d go to the kayak barn to do some work. On the way there I thought I take some rainy day images. But...............to my surprise...........I had no camera with me. None of them! Don´t think that have ever happened before. Therefore, no image today.

Small copper-lycaena phlaeas-Mindre guldvinge

This was a beauty well worth the trip I took yesterday. Biked to a forest south of town. I also saw a small frog, but that one was so fast I did not get it "on film".